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Waterborne - short film

'Waterborne' is a short horror / zombie film written by Melbourne writers Ryan Coonan and Richard Barcaricchio, directed by Ryan Coonan, and produced by Marisa Brown. The film ran a successful crowdfunding campaign to raise over $17,000 for the creation of the film’s ‘hero prop’- a zombie kangaroo. 

‘Waterborne’ is set in a small country town, where years of drought, flood, and fluctuating environmental conditions have taken their toll. When a local ranger finds an unidentified algae overwhelming the water supply, he realises that something's not right -  but it's not til the sun goes town that he discovers the true extent of the danger.

Since its release in July 2014, it has played at over 70 festivals around the world (including the prestigious Fantasia International Film Festival, Fantastic Fest, and the Sitges International Film Festival) and won a number of awards. For a full list of awards and screenings, check out our facebook page.



  • Todd: Martin Blum
  • The Farmer: Don Bridges


  • DOP: Chris Bland
  • Director: Ryan Coonan
  • Producer: Marisa Brown
  • Wardrobe: Fleur Saxton
  • Makeup: Natalie Burley and Rose Parsons
  • Zombieroo construction: Larry van Duynhoven at Third Eye FX
  • Zombieroo puppeteers: Larry van Duynhoven and Vas Babic
  • SFX Makeup: Natalie Burley, Larry van Duynhoven, Vas Babic and Rose Parsons
  • Location Sound: Sam O'Reilly, Mark Edwards and John-Paul Beirouty
  • Production Assistants: Chris Saxton, Nic Hirst, Trevor Matthews
  • Behind the Scenes Photography: Peter Casamento and Nic Hirst
  • Composer: Tom Rouch
  • VFX supervisor / editor / colourist: Chris Tomkins
  • Animator / VFX zombieroo design: Brad Betts
  • Furring / Lighting TD: Andrew Brown